A complete solution with reduced cost


think3's solutions can meet the demands of:

  • Communication with the Designer (image importation)
  • Realization of complex forms (curve-surfaces modeling)
  • Search of design variations (Global Shape Modeling - GSM)
  • Design in place (parts-assembly in unique environment)
  • Detail engineering (solid modeling)
  • Simulation (Rendering)
  • High Quality respect (Class A surface modeling)
  • High Quality Reverse Engineering (Reshape)
  • Complex product management (PLM)


The 'Automotive' market incudes companies that operate in the sector of the design and production of cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles. They are prestigious firms, and competition is fierce. They are firms that create and supply a network of other companies in metal and plastic molding metals, electronics, and electric and mechanical components.

Issues of style and production are evidenced in this sector. Safety requirements must be satisfied also. These firms operate on products with longer lifecycles, and are looking for productive as well as efficient design and management tools.

think3 globally offers a complete solution with reduced cost. Thanks to the speed with which the changes can be done with the GSM, who works with the ThinkDesign solution is able to take care of the shape reaching a perfect level of tuning (of style, of aerodynamic) that would cost a lot with other systems. think3’s Global Shape Modeling, called GSM, provides designers a very high level of technological innovation with unrivalled ease of use. It is currently the only creation and modification tool that enables quick and accurate changes in any stage of the design process, accelerating interactions with unlimited creativity and eliminating the need to rebuild models. This innovative technology can also be applied locally to only certain areas of a model, removing the limitations of traditional modeling programs. With the benefits of solid modeling and the flexibility of free shaped surfacing tools, it is possible to make extremely creative and accurate changes to any kind of shape, both native and imported, ensuring full and faster associativity compared to traditional approaches. To create products that are more beautiful, less expensive and less polluting, it is possible. think3 also offers its own technology to these companies through ThinkCore, the CAD kernel on which its solutions are founded to create specialized applications.


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