Consumer Products


Products and solutions to be successful on the market


think3's many tools can meet the demands of:

  • Communication with the Designer (image importation)
  • Realization of complex forms (curve-surfaces modeling)
  • Search of design variations (Global Shape Modeling - GSM)
  • Design in place (parts-assembly in unique environment)
  • Detail engineering (solid modeling)
  • Simulation (Rendering)

Consumer Products

Companies working in the 'Consumer Products' market create products that are used for directly satisfying a user's needs. These products include, but are not limited to: electronics, personal care items, food and drink containers, medicines, furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc.

This market is in continuous evolution, and there are many strong competitors. It is very important to both meet the needs of customers and anticipate the tendencies of consumers, all while maintaining operational control. These customers must shrink their time-to-market, eliminating waste of time and money. Typically these firms, industrial design groups, study market trends and create new designs, then communicate those ideas to the engineering and tooling departments. Internal communication is key.

think3's solution covers all departments, allowing involvment of the styling, engineering and tooling groups. Our unique offering includes innovative functionalities, guaranteeing productivity and eliminating errors caused by differing CAD formats. With the addition of PLM, communication barriers are broken, and time and efforts are not wasted.


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