Solution for planning and for lifecycle management


think3's solutions can meet the demands of:

  • Saving legacy data (converters)
  • Working on legacy data (2D Drafting)
  • Conversion from 2D to 3D (2D-3D integration)
  • Design in place (parts-assembly in unique environment)
  • Detail engineering (solid modeling)
  • Document and Lifecycle Management (PLM)


The 'Machinery' market includes companies that deal with the design and construction of equipment and systems that automate operations and processes of production and assembly. Their finished products can be standard, but very often they are special projects that satisfy a particular customer's applications.

These companies must manage complex projects with great attention to the costs, to the time-to-market and the efficiency of the result. They also have to manage large quantities of documentation: from the sketches and 3D models to the certification documentation. The firms that operate in this sector must respond with timeliness and efficiency to the request of the market and their clients. Great ideas aren't born in the CAD system, but in the mind of the engineer. CAD helps in the development, and it must allow engineers the freedom to express creativity.

think3 offers to manufacturing companies productive and reliable solutions. Part modeling, 2D/3D transparency, integrated sheet metal functionality, tubing creation and management, advanced assembly management, frame creation, smart objects, animation, data exchange interfaces with other CAD systems, high availability of mechanical parts libraries, direct FEM/FEA interface, product data management - all in one intuitive and easy-to-use product. These are just a few aspects of think3's solution.


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