Plastic Molds


Solution for plastic injection mold design


think3's solutions can meet the demands of:

  • Dialog with customers (converters)
  • Management of figure-mold (hybrid modeling)
  • Mold creation(MoldDesign)
  • Complete mold assembly (big-assemblies)
  • Mold Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Plastic Molds

The 'Plastic Molds' market consists of companies specializing in the design and production of plasic injection molds. The size of these molds varies greatly: from large automotive molds to molds used in the bio-medical field where great precision is needed.

Knowledge of all aspects of the mold design and creation process is needed here. Very often difficulties arise during this process; from unforseen undercuts, to material issues, to problems with specialized materials. The ability to resolve these issues is very important.

Moldmakers were the first to use 3D CAD products, so their level of experience and knowledge of these products is unparalleled. Anyone working in the plastic injection mold sector is well aware of the benefits of using ThinkDesign suite, which is well known in this environment thanks to its great potential and flexibility. Our long experience in this sector has enabled us to develop a vertical solution which includes the tools needed to deal with a high level of productivity and the considerable work needed to design a plastic injection mold. MoldDesign is now part of ThinkDesign Professional, which boasts well-known features such as hybrid modeling capable of managing solids and surfaces with absolute transparency; GSM, a powerful creation/modification engine which allows work on the geometry in any of the product definition phases, and Interactive Solid Modeling (ISM), which allows modifications to be made to both native and imported solid models moving away from the necessarily parametric logic. MoldDesign's specific functions rely on this very powerful base.


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