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The think3 Software Components is a separate business division dedicated to working with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers, both for Software Applications and Hardware Systems.

Think3 differentiates itself from other suppliers in this area not only for the market leading technology but also the business model that it adopts in terms of delivery options.

The Software Components that are offered can be summarized in the following areas:

  • 2D Drafting and 3D Solid Modeling;
  • Advanced Surfaces;
  • Product Data Management.

Think3 offers clients the maximum flexibility to satisfy their needs and integrate with their existing plans and resources.

The business model that differentiates think3 is in the fact that customers can choose the model that most suites their strategy:

  • Components can be licensed to be used at a low level either as a standalone solution or integrated with an existing kernel;
  • More complete solutions with a complete user interface;
  • Special projects to develop specific vertical functionality.

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In 2003, in order to improve and enhance their FORAN solution, SENER signed a co-operation partnership with think3, the only supplier able to offer a technology that combines product concept, development and implementation design environments.


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