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Maintaining an advantage is the only way to stay ahead in a highly competitive business scenario. think3 proposes two suites of product life cycle management applications, both designed for a simple and effective approach to company's knowledge management.

This makes them ideal for technical engineering offices and enterprise situations where the following items need to be managed:

  • Parts lists
  • CAD documentation
  • Orders during sales activities
  • Design Activities
  • Product Maintenance and the management of spare parts and customer assistance


thinkPLM is the traditional PLM solution based on server/clients windows, ideal for rapid deployment in all sizes of companies where there aren’t requirements for the PLM information management by internet.

thinkPLM can organize documents and components, managing different bill of material regardless of format and from the original. Use rules to structure and access methods of storing, automatically launching the original application for the modification of files or applications to display.

thinkPLM innovative functions

Allows the user to create and manage documents of any type and kind through the functionalities of document management, like Vault management, check-in/checkout, access control, document trees, etc.

Standard plug-in with MS Office integration and with the main Cad Systems like AutoCAD, Catia V5 Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and ThinkDesign

Bill of Material: efficiently system for the creation and the management of technical, manufacturing and commercial bill of material

Provides all tools necessary for: configure graphics workflow, access control rules, database structures to enable the user to customize thinkPLM

The main benefits of the adoption of think3’s PLM systems are:

  • The possibility to share information between departments by fostering innovation and standardization of products
  • Drastic reduction of low value added tasks, such as: information research, data entry, manual BOM generation, signatures and approvals, printing, etc.
  • Increase product quality by reducing errors during the entire product development process and generation of documentation

Reasons for choosing thinkPLM

  • The implementation is fast and secure, no impact on existing company organization
  • It is integrated with the principal office applications and CAD system
  • Quick and easy to learn, rapid ROI

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Today, at Hydrocontrol even the non expert can configure complex products with an evident reduction in errors. Sales personnel can check immediately if a certain configuration has already been produced and with what times; this information is necessary for compiling offers.


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