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What is thinkStart?

thinkStart is an accredited industrial design curriculum. think3 partners with schools and universities to put ThinkDesign, innovative next-generation industrial design technology, into the hands of future product design and development professionals. Students and faculties are eligible for the full version of our ThinkDesign software when they participate in the thinkStart program.

Contact your think3 local office or VAR for more information about conditions.

More important, learning how to use ThinkDesign is much easier than the standard industrial design tools being used today. On average, it takes university students one year to learn a new software program. With ThinkDesign, a student can be proficient in a fraction of the time. This represents a huge advantage for schools with compressed program resources, time and staff. More time can be focused on design exploration in the classroom and less time bogged down by learning the technical mechanics of the software.

Finally, think3's technology is the best on the market today to support design schools and universities moving toward interdisciplinary studies within design and engineering. Only thinkStart brings the different functions of product design and development process closer together.

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