Solution for complex product creation and management


think3's solutions can meet the demands of:

  • Communication with the Designer (image importation)
  • Realization of complex forms (curve-surfaces modeling)
  • Search of design variations (Global Shape Modeling - GSM)
  • Design in place (parts-assembly in unique environment)
  • Detail engineering (solid modeling)
  • Simulation (Rendering)
  • High Quality respect (Class A surface modeling)
  • High Quality Reverse Engineering (Reshape)
  • Complex product management (PLM)


Companies in the 'Transportation' market deal with the planning and the production of vehicles for the transport of passengers and merchandise by sea, by land and by air. They are firms that create and supply a network of other companies in metal and plastic molding metals, electronics, and electric and mechanical components.

Issues of style and production are evident in this sector. Safety requirements must be satisfied also. These firms operate on products with longer lifecycles, and are looking for productive as well as efficient design and management tools.

think3 offers a solution that covers the entire product definition cycle, meeting the needs of those working in the styling, engineering and tooling departments. It encompasses all the experience gained by think3 in the field while supporting clients, and all the power of ThinkDesign that, version after version, has developed to achieve levels of integrity and flexibility that are still unique in the CAD/PLM market. The range of tools is amazingly rich. Using functions such as 2D, 2D and 3D integration, curve creation and editing, surfaces and solids, sheet metal, tubing, assembly management, table creation, animation, mechanical component libraries, FEM integration, rendering and much, much more, your project materializes in the product. Integration with the PLM solution means all data is managed perfectly. One of the benefits of using a unique solution like the think3 one, throughout the various product definition phases, lies in the smashing of the communication barriers among designers, engineers and molding and equipment technicians, due to the possibility of intervention without losing the work done by other departments. Thanks to the advantages of solid modeling, the flexibility of free form surface models and the impressive GSM editing tools, you can make highly creative and precise modifications to any type of shape, be it native or imported, while keeping complete association.


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